Solution: Crane break down


Crane Access

Hard to access or inaccessible crane break downs

Do you have a crane that is hard to access in certain locations? Is your crane broken down where a technician can't access it?
A crane that breaks down is a problem. It can be an even bigger problem when a service company can't access it quickly or effectively. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on scaffolding or excessivly large manlifts we have a solution!
Wether it's a new crane or an existing crane, with a few modifications our cranes can be operated remotly by our technicians, allowing them to move the crane to a location on the runway that can be accessed. 
By using drives and a few other electrical components our cranes can be accessed by qualified and authorized technicians securly once they are on site. All without the technician having to leave the ground. Not only does this solve the access problem, minor modifications like accelartaion, decellaration, speed and coast can all be modified from the ground without needing to be up on the crane. 
Remote access ability can save a customer thousands. 

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