Jib Cranes

The Most Extensive Line of Jib Cranes available Anywhere

O’Brien offers one of North America’s largest ranges of jib cranes. A technical data book of standard jib crane solutions from up to 40,000lbs capacity is available on request. Specially engineered jib cranes are produced in capacities up to 80,000lbs.

The two basic formats of a jib crane are free standing and wall mounted, each of which can be equipped with a chain or wire rope hoists. We offer under- and over-braced jib arms to maximize lift or travel.

Free standing jib cranes can be constructed for maximum slewing angles of 360 degrees. We offer a variety of fixing solutions including anchor bolts and wall plates.

Jib Crane Product Line

Model Max Capacity (lbs) Max Outreach (ft) Max Rotation Options*
Lancer Jib Crane 1,000 16 N/A FS / WM
Assistant Jib Crane 4,000 38 270° FS / WM / DMB
Cadet Jib Crane 4,000 38 270 ° FS / WM  / DMB
Tie Rod Jib Crane 6,000 30 200 ° FS / WM
Sergeant Major Jib Crane 10,000 24 N/A WM
Sergeant Jib Crane 20,000 38 180 ° WM
Wall Travelling Jib Crane 20,000 48 N/A WM
Major Jib Crane 40,000 48 360 ° FS / DMB
Boss Jib Crane 40,000 65 180 ° FS

All values in the above table represent "up to" values.

*FS - Free Standing Jib Crane Option, WM - Wall Mounted Jib Crane Option, DMB - Direct Mount Baseplate Option

Direct Mount Base Plate
A cost effective mounting solution

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Hinge Kits
Kit components for your Tie Rod Jib

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